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Straighten Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer


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Hair straightening can be done in different ways and the fastest way is doing it without a blow dryer. Most of the people to will have a curly hair from birth and they would to like to go for a straight hairstyle on temporary basis. A flat iron can make the hair straighter for time being if you do it with proper care. You must use a de-frizzing hair gel before using any types of heating tools to prevent the hair from getting damaged. You must not use the following method repeatedly to keep the hair straight as it can be harmful to the hair.
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Begin your hairstyling by taking top half hair to create a normal bun and keep it secured using a hair clip. Now take about one inch part of hair which is left out of the bun to use a flat iron with hottest setting. Use this technique on the entire section of the hair to make it straight as possible and make sure to run the flat iron over the hair only once with highest heat setting. Now you must take the hair that was secured as a bun to make it straighter. At last mist the hair with a finishing spray and style it as per your wish. You must give your hair deep conditioning treatment once in a week to keep the hair moisturized if you are using this technique to make the hair straight.

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