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Using Well Water To Color Hair


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Coloring you hair needs water and using well water can change the look of your hair. The well water can dry the color during the styling process as it contains iron, magnesium and calcium. Here are few things that must be taken care while coloring the hair and washing it well water. If you are using well water to wash the hair, try to condition it regularly after washing it using a shampoo. Use the following method to wash the hair with well water after coloring.
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First wear hand gloves and brush the hair to remove tangles. Make a middle part in the hair and start using the hair color over the strands. Leave the color in your hair for about one hour and rinse it using lukewarm water. The rinsing process must take place for about ten minutes to make the water come out clean from your hair. Use a towel to dry your hair and apply a little amount of virgin olive oil all over the hair as it can help to moisturize your hair. Make sure to apply the oil over the ends of your hair and also spread it deeply into the scalp. Then cover the hair with a silk scarf and leave the oil on for overnight. In the morning, try to rinse your hair using warm water and make sure that the hair has completely removed the oil. Now you can style your hair as it will look much softer.

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