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Hairstyle With Purple Highlights


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Purple highlights can give a very unique look if you are adding with any type of hair. There are different hair colors that can be added to your hair and using a purple highlight can add extra look to your hair. Purple color is available in different options such as permanent color, a semi-permanent color as well as temporary formulas. Make sure that you have a healthy hair before using any type of hair color to stay away from damages. You can use light purple colors for highlighting a blonde hair and apply dark highlights with a darker hair. Here are two methods that can be used for highlight the hair with purple color.
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To highlight purple hair, first select the purple color from a retail store. Place a cloth around your shoulders to keep the color from falling on your skin and follow the instructions careful while applying the color on the hair. Add thin streaks of color all over the hair and secure it using hair clips. Wash the hair using a sulfate free shampoo for washing your hair after leaving the color on for around 30 minutes. If you are highlighting a darker hair, first apply bleach over the hair and leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse your hair to take out the bleach from the hair. Then you can use the purple highlights over the bleached areas and leave it to dry on its own before washing it using a normal shampoo.

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