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Styling Hair With Asymmetrical Updo


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An asymmetrical updo is a great way to style the hair for special events including a prom or a wedding. You can easily achieve this look without going to hairstylist, but try to get support from a fried to create it in a perfect way. This updo works well on simple asymmetrical hairstyles such as braids and ponytails.
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Start the styling with a two days old hair because a neatly washed hair can give hard time while styling it in this way. Mist your entire hair with a spray which will give a rough finish along with more volume. Try to part the hair as per your wish either in the side or at the center of your head. Next wrap the hair into one inch section in a curling iron along with large-barrel iron for creating looser curls and small-barrel iron to achieve tighter curls. You can simply leave the hair ends to fall on their own to get a very messy look if you like. Leave the hair to become cool and take the entire hair at the side or back of the head for twisting it in a simple bun shape. Make sure to leave your natural loose hair to fall over the bun to make this hairstyle look attractive. You can leave few hairs out of the bun to make it look messier and try to make sure that it frames your face to create a beautiful look.

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