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Create Hair Texture Using Clippers


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You can add texture in the hair following different ways and one of the best ways is using clippers. Clippers are available with a comb like attachment which is for cutting your hair and it is a perfect choice for short hairs. Anyone can add texture in their hair depending upon the length of the hair or if you are using the clippers for the first time go to a hair specialist. You can try out texturing attachment in the clipper to make the styling much easier when compared to other clipper attachments.
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To get this look, first add an attachment in the clipper for using it over the side of your head. Try to move the clippers as per the directions of hair your growth and keep the hair in place using a normal comb. You can make sections using the comb that must be about half the size of your clipper. Now use another attachment to the clipper and make sure to add different sized attachments during every third section of the hair. The small comb attachments are usually used to achieve shorter lengths and large comb attachments are used to get longer lengths. Continue to use the clippers around the head and especially at the back and move towards your neck by using alternate attachments. You must cut the hair near the back of your neck and make a simple straight line using your clippers straight towards down of the head.

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