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Creating Dreads With Fine Hair


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Dreads are usually created when you have a thick hair and some of them who have a thin hair would like to achieve this look, but they have to follow few important steps to achieve this look. You must use an additional step during the dreading method to make sure that the dreadlock looks good. Those who have a short hair use lot of hair gel to create the bun so it stays in place.
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To get this hairstyle, first shampoo wash the hair and never use a conditioner. Leave the hair to dry and brush it using a fine-toothed hair comb. Separate the hair as four different parts and try to braid each of them. Leave your braid as it is overnight and brush the hair in the morning taking out the braids. Take a half inch section from your hair and secure the remising hair in place. Keep end of your hair section in the hand and brush it backwards close to scalp. Take the wax in a half teaspoon which is warmer and apply it over the hair near to your scalp to twist the dreads. Then roll your waxed dread in between the hands to keep the stray hairs in your dread. Now take the equal sided hair section and use the same method by applying the wax. You must wash the dreads using a shampoo at least two times during the week to maintain it in a proper way.

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