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Growing Hair Fast After A Chemo


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Growing hair can be a big problem for most of the people and especially after the chemo process. Even though the hair will grow back to its original structure it may take some time. In case you want to grow the hair faster than its actual growth try out the following method. Before using any type of styling process consult your hairstylist to make sure that it suits your hair perfectly. It is also important to consult a doctor before undergoing any type of hairstyling procedures to stay on the safer side.
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Try to intake lot of multivitamins daily and calcium as well as iron are very important to consume for growing the hair healthy. Follow a well-balanced diet along with multivitamins which must include vegetables as well as fruits as they feature iron and protein that are best for your body also. Always stay stress free by going for yoga class and taking part in other activities. You can also take prenatal vitamins that are known to work perfectly to grow the hair faster. But you must ask your doctor before using this vitamin. Wash the hair with a dandruff shampoo on daily basis as they feature zinc which is expected to improve the hair growth. Use olive oil for massaging it over the scalp daily which will help in the circulation of blood for quicker and better hair growth. There are also few herbs that can be used grow your hair faster.

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