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Using Black Tea To Color Hair


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There are lots of different ways you can color the hair to get a unique look. One of the best and natural ways to color your hair is using black tea. Most of the people complain about hair getting dried after using a chemical for coloring their hair, so they can use this method to achieve the same result. You can also mix the black tea along with henna to color the hair darker. Try to get help from a friend during the coloring process to make it much easier. You must wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process and change after the coloring process will be very less for the first time.
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First make a black tea in large batch to make sure that it doesn’t get over in the middle of your coloring process. Try to store the tea in a bowl so that it can be sued once again after some days if some of them remain after the coloring process. Then go to a sink and rinse your hair using the black tea and try to use it all over your hair. Use the rinsing technique for around 20 minutes with the black tea and leave the final rinse on your hair for about 15 minutes. Next rinse your hair using warm water till the water that comes out of your hair comes out clean. Follow this rinsing method on weekly basis to get the optimal results.

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