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Using Hair Band To Create Weave Ponytail


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Ponytail weaves can be created using a hair band so it stays in place for a long time. Most of the women use lot of hair accessories to create this hairstyle depending upon their choice. Here is a simple technique that can be followed to achieve this look along with the natural hair. This style can be changed as per your desire on daily basis without any help and spending too much time.
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Start the dreading process with a cleanly washed hair and try to condition it normally. Use a towel to dry the hair before applying a hair gel and then use a blow dryer along with a flat brush to dry your hair fully. Now take the entire hair at the back of the head and comb it to make it tangle free. Create a ponytail behind your head and wrap the loose hair around hair band to form a small bun. Try to keep your ponytail on top of your bun along with drawstrings falling loose on both sides of the head. You must attach the ponytail weave along with the natural hair using a clip attachment just below the bun. Take one of the drawstrings in the hand to make the ponytail weave tightly around your bun. Try to wrap the drawstrings over your ponytail weave and keep it in place using hair pins. At last use a hair band to keep the ponytail weave secured in place.

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