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Adding Wave Weave With Glue


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Adding wave weave in your hair is much easier with the help of glues than using any other methods. It can be done by following few simple steps without going to a hair specialist. Wave weaves will be able to give a natural look and attaching it using normal glue can save your time when compared to other methods. The wave weave can also blend along with your natural hair color as well as texture. You must try to glue your weave over the scalp and over the track without touching the hair.
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First make weave tracks that will be glued using a parting comb and part one inch section of your hair about horizontally near the nape of your neck. Try to braid your parted section and fold it into the braid end using bobby pins. Use the same technique, till you move closer to front hairline and make sure to leave around three inch section loose hair to cover your braided track. Now pull the weave out of the packet and add a small amount of glue over the weft weave and keep it slightly over horizontal track near the nape of the neck. Try to keep the weft weave down for around one minute to seal weave in your scalp properly. Use other tracks to glue it into the scalp in the same way and crimp the hair that is loose which will be used for covering the final weft weave.

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