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Maintaining Hair Straight In All Weather


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Having a straight hair can give a simple and beautiful look if you style it in a proper way. But sometime the straight hair can become uncontrollable in some weather causing frizz. There are few ways that can be followed to create the straight hair look in any type of weather. In case you are going out in the rain cover the hair using a scarf. Even though using the bight styling product can keep the hair straight, the rain water may make it uneven.
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To keep hair straight in all weather, first wash the hair with smoothing shampoo and brush the hair using wide-tooth comb once it becomes slightly damp. Then use smoothing serum all over and start blow drying the hair sections to make the hair smooth. Make sure that the serum has been completely distributed through the hair before using the blow dryer to prevent damage to the hair. Now use the flat iron over the hair strands section by section by clamping about one inch hair strand. Secure the hair with the clamp in the flat iron and move on to another section of hair. You must use the flat iron first at the bottom half of your hair and then use it over the remaining hair that is on top of the head. At last use a little amount of finishing spray to mist the entire hair to keep the humidity in your hair and prevent frizz.

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