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Comb Coil Hairstyle


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Comb coils can be used to style ethnic hair as dreadlocks and it is expected to consume lot of time when compared to other similar hairstyles. There are few tools that can be used to style the hair in this manner and it can be lot easier to use. Try to get the comb coil comb before starting the process if you want to create the twists and coils without spending too much time. It is a special comb that has been designed to achieve this look than spending your normal comb for styling your hair.
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First dampen your hair and divide it into small part using a normal comb to make it tangle free. Then spread a hairstyling gel all over the hair and make sure that it doesn’t feature alcohol as they can spoil your look. Brush your hair using a simple rattail comb from the root of the hair. Try to slide your comb a little bit up from its root slowly and turning your comb very gently clockwise. You must turn the comb in such a way that it should not become too tight. Continue to twist the hair in the same way till the comb comes out from the section of your hair. Now you have created a comb coil in the section of your hair and use the same method on the other parts of the hair till you are able to create the comb coils all over the head.

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