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Methods For Straigtening Your Synthetic Wig


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A synthetic wig can be styled in various methods and you can also create curly or wavy depending upon your desire. It is also possible to straighten your synthetic wig to make it look simple. But you cannot make it straighten by just using a flat iron or a cloth iron as they can cause severe damage. You must also know that after straightening the synthetic wig it cannot be turned into its original structure. Here are few steps that must be sued while straightening the synthetic wig.
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First secure your synthetic wig in a Styrofoam wig form at front-center, base or near the temples. Brush the wig straight using wide-toothed comb and boil water in a bowl. Make sure that the water is about 180-185 Fahrenheit and use the water to rinse the hair by pouring it gently. Try to flow your water down the length which will be make the wig straight as possible. Mist the wig using a detangler spray that has been specially made for this purpose and brush it using the same wide-toothed comb. Leave your synthetic wig to dry on its own as it can more time depending upon the size your wig. After the wig becomes dry completely brush it again and if it is not straightened perfectly use the same technique once again. The water used on the wig will be helpful in straightening it so try to pour how much water is possible over it.

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