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Outside French Braid


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Outside French braid is a perfect hairstyle for a special event like wedding. It is a completely different hairstyle when compared to a standard French braid even thought they both look similar. You must get some good practice before creating this look on your own at home and it can be worn along with any type of dress. Keep on practicing this hairstyle till you get it right and first time it will really look bad.
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Begin the styling by combing your hair from top of the head and collect the hair in one place. Part the hair into 3 different section and start crossing right section to the left just below the middle section. Try to include small section of hair from left side of the head to the part of the hair on the left side. Cross the thicker left section to the right just below the middle section. Then include small part of hair from right to the right side of the head. Try to braid this part of the hair under middle part from the right side to left. Continue this process by adding hair left as well as right parts before you cross under to reach end of the hair. Make sure that the braid crosses left and the right strands below middle strand without going over it. Use a hair tie to keep the hairstyle in place and mist the entire hair with a spray to control flyaways.

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