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Styling African Hair With Hot Comb


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Hot combs can be used to style your hair in different ways. It is a metal comb that can be preheated for styling kinky and curly hair. The hot comb is also used on African American hair for styling it. Try to start the styling process with a dry hair and don’t keep it damp before using the hot comb. Don’t use the hot comb on the fragile or thin hair and never leave it on the hair for a long time as it can burn your hair.
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Start by washing the hair with the help of moisturizing shampoo and use moisturizing conditioner. Leave your hair for around fifteen minutes and take the conditioner out of the hair by rinsing it. Using hair moisturizer on the hair is very important as you will be applying the hot comb on your hair. Use a blow dryer on the hair and add a small amount of oil all over. Then part the hair as sections and keep it in place using ponytail holders. Now pull out one section of the hair for brushing it and divide it into three parts. Next keep the hot comb over the section of your hair and make sure to press the complete section in it. Use the hot comb twice on the hair section before using the same technique on the other parts of the hair. Keep it away from your scalp as it can burn the skin.

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