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Styling Hair With Razor Combs


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Using a razor comb can be helpful in achieving different types of haircuts. In this tool you will find a comb along with razor which will be intermingled together. Razor combs can be a best tool for thinning and adding texture in the hair. It is also a perfect choice for cutting the hair of an infant. Here are few things that can be followed while using the razor comb.
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First wash the hair after brushing it gently with a normal comb. Taking the knots from your hair is very important before proceeding with the styling. Then pull a small section of the hair about one inch wide and brush it using a normal comb. Keep your razor comb over the place whenever you would like to cut the hair. You must be able to place the razor comb about 45 degree angle and never start the cutting process from your hair root as it can cause bald spots. Try to make short strokes with light pressure while using the razor comb and you must work from the area by moving to end of your hair to add more texture in the hair. You must continue to put short strokes while cutting the hair around your head and do this till the hair becomes free. Now you can move on to the other section of the hair and use the same technique to do the cutting before styling the hair as per your wish.

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