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Taking Out Spray-On Color From Hair


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One of the simple ways of coloring your hair is using a spray-on hair color as it can change the way you look very fast. You can also get a very unusual color in the hair using the spray-on color. But you must put extra care while removing the spray-on color from your hair as it can lead to bad looking hair with streaks when not washed in a proper way.
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Begin the color removing process by washing your hair using a warm water and try to apply a shampoo during this process. Then use a deep cleanse mask on your hair and leave it on for the time mentioned on the packet. Make sure it is not left on the hair for a long time as it can cause damage to your hair. Then wash your hair once again and use the same shampoo. Next use a conditioner all over the hair which will be helpful in restoring the hair to its original structure. Now try to dry the hair vigorously and use a hair color on it which is almost similar to a natural hair color. You can apply any color that is suitable for your hair type and make sure to deep condition before using it over the hair. The colors such as blue can be applied over the hair as it can be helpful in hiding the streaks that are normally found after getting rid of the spray-on hair color.

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