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Methods To De-Poof Your Hair


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Having a thick hair can be helpful in many ways but at the same time it can make it difficult to style the hair as per your desire. Sometime the hair will become poofy which can make your hair look wild. You can just de-poof the hair to get out of this problem without going to a hairstylist. Before going into the styling process make sure you are not allergic to anti-frizz serums as they can create outbreaks in the hair.
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Try to use moisturizing shampoo before rinsing your hair as it can help to keep the hair weighed down. Also use deep moisturizing hair conditioner and leave it on for around 15 minutes by placing a shower cap before rinsing your hair. Keep the hair damp by just pat drying it and stay away from hair brush. Some time you can use a large tooth pick to brush the hair that is poofy, but use must be using a detangler before starting the brushing which can be a very difficult process. Apply a anti-frizz hair serum to work it over the hair to keep the poofy hair away. Leave the hair to dry on its own and you will have curls if left as it is. You can also use a hair straightening iron or other styling tools to make the hair straight. Be careful while using the serum on the hair and try to keep it away from the skin.

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