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Sleek Short Hairstyle


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A sleek short hair can give an amazing look for most of the women who want to keep their hair short. This hairstyle is normally worn by men when compared to women. It is very easy to achieve this look without putting any effort and it will also consume very less time. This style is a perfect choice for night out if you match it with a proper outfit. Avoid using too much of pressure while using the comb from brushing your hair as it can lead to hair breakage.
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First spritz your hair with just water ad keep the hair always damp during the styling process. Then use a wide-tooth hair comb for brushing your hair from the root towards the back of the head. Make sure that your hair goes till the nape of the neck after finishing the combing process. Now use the pintail comb to make a part in the hair from hairline over the forehead till back of the head for making a straight line. Add a small amount of styling cream all over the hair and especially over the hairline at the back of the head. Next run the comb over the hair to make it smooth and try to keep it flat over the head. Then mist the hair with a spray and style it using your hands which will be helpful in keep your smaller hair near the hairline in place without coming out.

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