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Steps For Regrowing A Damaged Hair


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Regrowing a hair can be difficult process and in case the hair has been damaged you may be in a worst situation to regrow it back. The hair can become damaged due to various reasons and it is important to repair it in time to make sure it grows back healthy. You can also avoid split ends and reverse the hair shedding by following few simple and easy methods without going to a hair specialist. Here are few things that can be used while regrowing the damaged hair.
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The first thing to do is following a healthy diet along with vitamin supplements that can help to increase hair growth. Try to massage the scalp using your fingers which can increase the blood circulation leading to hair growth. There are also proteins that can make the hair grow which are found in salmon, eggs, nuts, turkey and more. Apply protein-based products on the hair to repair it and avoid using random conditioners. You must rest your eyes by going to sleep whenever possible which is expected to have good impact on the hair growth and you must sleep at least 8-9 hours every night for better effect. Stay away from chemicals and hair coloring products when you are repairing your hair as they can increase the damage. You can also go to a saloon to get a protein shampoo as well as hair conditioner to use it over the hair on regular basis.

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