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Using Hot Comb On Relaxed Hair


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The hair can be relaxed by following various techniques and one of the simple way is using a hot comb. Most of the hairstylist will recommend to relax your hair after 6-8 weeks using another relaxer. You can also try to use a hot comb for making the hair straight when it is very early to use a relaxer. Don’t use the hot comb over the hair for a long time and don’t use it very often. There is no need to go to a hairstylist for using the hot comb as you can use it at home.
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Brush the hair with a standard comb to take out the tangles after washing it using a shampoo. Make sure to use a hair conditioner before going for the blow drying process. Divide your hair as 4 parts and spread hair protectant all over which will protect the hair from getting damaged. Now use the hot comb with lowest setting and don’t use the hot comb when it too hot as it can burn the hair easily. Take a small part of your hair and use the hot comb over the hair from keeping it away from the hair roots. Try to keep the hair in the hot comb for just three seconds and not more than that to keep the hair away from getting damaged. Use the same method on the other parts of your hair using the hot comb with low setting.

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