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Auburn Hair With Blond Highlights


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Using blond highlights on auburn hair can give a unique look and it is also one of the way to make the graying hair look good. You must make sure that the hair is completely dry before starting the styling process and following this step when the hair is still wet after washing can spoil your entire look. Use the conditioner and shampoo to wash the hair that is suitable for the color treated hair.
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First get a semi-permanent hair color that is almost the color of your natural hair. Purchase highlighting product of your choice and make sure to blend the auburn hair to blonde tint which will also help in covering the grey as well as the entire hair on your head. Place a towel on the shoulders and start the coloring process on an unwashed hair. Wear hand gloves while coloring your hair and mix the hair color by following the instructions on the kit. Leave the color on the hair for the time mentioned on the coloring kit and rinse the hair completely. Now mix the highlighting solution in a proper way and divide your hair using a rat-tail comb. After applying the highlighting solution on your hair that was divided rinse the hair again as usual. Then you can use a hair gloss after leaving the hair for one day after the coloring process which will increase the hair colors by adding shine as well as vibrant.

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