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Caring For Wavy Hair Extensions


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Wavy extensions usually look curly along with a glistening finish and you must maintain it in a proper way to make it look natural. Always give additional care to the extensions as they can helpful in preventing tangles, dryness and frizz. The hair extensions are mainly used by women when compared to men to make their natural hair look long and wavy. Here are few simple ideas that can help while dealing with wavy extensions.
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First use your fingers to comb the extensions and avoid using this with a hair brush as they can cause frizz. Try to dampen your hair everyday in the morning with water and use a leave-in detangling hair conditioner. Avoid using hairstyling products that contain strong chemicals as they can make the wavy extensions to lose its grip. Make sure that the detangler doesn’t contain alcohol as it can cause damage to your extensions. Leave the hair to dry naturally without using any type of heating tools such as a blow dryer. Putting extreme heat on the hair can cause dryness and permanent frizz. Always braid your hair loose before going to bed in the night or cover the hair with a silk scarf. Following this method can be helpful in maintaining the hair extension in its original shape. You can also keep the hair extensions relaxed by covering it with a scarf before going to sleep and avoid sleeping with the extensions on without covering them.

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