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Single French Braid


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A single French braid is a perfect hairstyle that can be worn for any type of event and in all seasons. This hairstyle can make anyone look good when it is created in a perfect way. It can be created on any type of hair that is medium to long in length. If you are planning to create bangs along with this hairstyle, try to brush them before starting with the braiding process. Those who want to create this hairstyle with a straight hair use a hairspray to control the flyaways.
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First comb your hair and divide it as 3 parts using your fingers. Then pull out the first part of hair from left side for taking it over middle part. Next pull the right part of your hair over the new middle part. Now take a hair part from right side for adding 1/4 inch of hair from side of the head. Try to pull this part along with the right part just over the middle part of your hair to make it a new middle part. Use the same technique till get to end of your hair and when there is no hair to add with these parts. Use a hair tie to secure the braid at the end and mist it using a finishing spray. You can also add a small clip at the end of your braid to secure it in place and also to make your braid look attractive.

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