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Thick Relaxed Hair


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Thick relaxed hair can be easily achieved by following few important techniques. Having a relaxed hair can be helpful in different ways as it can be used for styling the hair in various hairstyles. Those who have a relaxed hair usually face lot of problems to keep the hair in its original shape. Avoid using heat styling products while styling your hair as they can become a reason behind thinning hair. Just follow these steps to maintain the thick relaxed hair in a proper way.
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First increase the time limit for using the relaxers such as waiting for more than 12 weeks than 8 weeks to relax the hair once again. This will help in making your hair strong and thick. Always keep your hair moisturized that will be helpful in keeping the hair healthy and you can easily increase the time limit for using the relaxers. Try to massage your scalp on regular basis which will increase the blood flow and nourish your hair follicles.  You can also use peppermint and jojoba oil by mixing them together while massaging your hair. Use castor oil on the hair at least two times in a week as it is known to reduce hair damage. Apply the castor oil that is unrefined on your scalp to make the hair thicker. You must also consume vitamins that improve the hair growth. Especially vitamin A that is expected to contain ingredients such as biotin, amino acids, B complex and more.

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