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Using Scissors For Point Cutting


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Point cut is normally done on the hair to add more texture in it the hair and you must be ready to get rid of bulk hair from ends to achieve this look. This technique of cutting the hair can be done using different ways and one of the simple way is using scissors. You must have lot of patience to achieve this haircut at home even though it looks very simple lot of time if required to make it perfect.
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To use scissors for point cutting, first take one inch part of hair and brush it straight from your head. Keep the hair about three inches away from the hair end to make it stick out about vertically from the fingers. Make sure you don’t keep the hair far from its end as it can make the haircut a difficult process. Now keep your scissors about perpendicular to the fingers and parallel with your hair. Start cutting the hair using the scissors which can help in adding more texture in your hair. You must cut the hair by keeping your scissors at a very slight angle and more severe your angle, more hair can be removed. Follow the same method to cut the hair to achieve the desired look. Avoid keeping your scissors deeper in the hair during the cutting process as you may cut too much of hair spoil the look and always keep in mind the hair cut is not reversible.

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