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Methods For Highlighting A Red Hair


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Highlighting a red hair is a very simple process that can be done at home without using any special techniques. There are different highlights which go well with the red hair such as brown highlights are good for dark red hair, blonde highlights for orange-red hair and more. Use this simple process for highlighting the red hair. Be careful while using the color on your hair and don’t make them fall on your eyes or skins as they can cause irritation.
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First place a waste cloth around the shoulders and keep a highlighting cap to cover your scalp as well as the hair. Now pull the hair out of the highlighting cap which will be used for the highlighting process. Wear hand gloves before using the color and try to mix the hair color as per the directions mentioned on the packet. Try to spread the hair color liberally all over your hair which has been taken out of the cap. Check the time mentioned on the coloring packet for leaving the hair to get dried. Then you can just get your hair to rinse as usual till the water runs out clean. Now you can remove the highlighting cap from the head and use the hair conditioner that was provided along with the hair coloring kit. You must rinse the hair once again after using the conditioner and style the hair as usual. Don’t leave your hair with the color on for a long time.

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