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Short Finger Waves


short finger waves short finger waves2
Finger waves are usually created with a medium to long hair, but it is possible to achieve the same look with short hair. You must follow this method to get this hairstyle with short hair and make sure to get some practice before wearing this hairstyle for special events.
short finger waves3 short finger waves4

short finger waves5 short finger waves6
Begin the styling after washing your hair and keep it damp with water. Then make a side part in the hair and brush the hair fully to make it smooth. Use a hair gel on the hair and brush it once again. Now keep the left index finger just over the place where the first wave will be created. Use the comb to insert directly under your finger and make sure that the teeth of your comb is slightly upwards. You can make the first ridge with the comb by moving it forward about one inch near the face. Try to keep the comb flat on the head and take out the left hand. Now keep the left hand over this ridge and index finger over the teeth in the comb. Shape this ridge by just closing two fingers by pressing hair over the head. Again draw your comb back to make a hollow part and keep the index finger over it to create the second ridge. You can style this ridge by closing the fingers and pressing your hair against the head. Use this method on the rest of your hair till you create ridge all over.

short finger waves7 short finger waves8

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