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Treating Hair Loss With Castor Oil


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Hair loss can be a big problem for most of the women and it usually occurs to various reasons. You can follow different methods to stop the hair loss and the most easiest is using castor oil which doesn’t need any kind of special procedure to apply it over the hair. The castor oil can be used as a healing pack by soaking a flannel into it before using over the head. You must apply heat by keeping the healing pack below the hot water bottle.
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First get the castor oil from a local store and start applying it over the scalp. Then use the castor oil over the hair from root to tip and cover the entire head using a cloth. Leave the oil on your head overnight and try to wash it only in the next morning. Follow this procedure around once in a week for 6 applications to see good results. You can also mix the castor oil along with other ingredients such as grape seed oil and almond for applying it over the hair. Castor oil will be very thick that usually consumes too much time to come out of the hair if you use it alone, so you can just mix it along with these ingredients to reduce the density of the oil. This oil is also scentless and most of the use it along with a mixture so they can add nice smell in their hair.

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