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Using Bobby Pins To Create An Updo


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Bobby pins are used for different styling process, but it is mostly used to achieve an updo. It is very easy to get a professional updo without going to a hair specialist by using the bobby pins within few minutes. Try to get some practice of using the bobby pins in a perfect way so you can create this look at home. Most of the people use the bobby pins to secure their hairstyle in place and you can just sue them for styling an updo without putting any effort.
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To create the Parisian chignon updo, first pull the hair to create a simple ponytail near the back of the neck and twist it to create a normal bun. Use two bobby pins to secure the bun in place. For a double bun updo, make horizontal part in your head and divide the hair as two sections. Start twisting both the sections to form a bun and secure it in place using the bobby pins. You can create a messy updo by using the bobby pins which is almost done with same technique that is used to create the other updos. Another option is create loose curls using bobby pins that are perfect hairstyle for special events such as wedding. Try to use a hairspray on whichever updo you like to create for additional safety and this can keep the hair in place for a long time along with the bobby pins.

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