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Using Coconut Oil For Treating Relaxed Hair


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Relaxed hair can look dry as well as brittle due to the chemical process. So you can just use the coconut oil to make it controllable. This oil is considered to be a very good natural product that is helpful in moisturizing the relaxed hair. It is capable of easily entering into your hair shafts which is also used for the deep conditioning process. Always use virgin coconut oil on the hair than going for any other chemical process. You can also deep condition the hair with this oil on weekly basis to get rid of split ends and breakage. You can apply the oil in your hair in downward motion when it is still dry.
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To use the coconut oil daily on the relaxed hair, first pour a little amount of coconut oil in your palm and rub both the hands together before applying it over the hair strands. Never use the oil on the roots of your hair and make sure to keep it away from the root about 2-3 inches. Using this oil on the roots of your hair will make it greasy and try to apply it only on the hair till it becomes completely saturated. Next comb the hair to distribute the oil throughout the hair before styling it as per your desire. While going for sleep with this oil try to cover it using a cloth as the oil may leave permanent marks on the pillowcase.

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