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Weaved Box Braid


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A weaved box braid is a very attractive way of creating knots in the hair. This hairstyle is very popular among most of the women including celebrities as it can be used to create a very unique design. The knots created in this hairstyle will be able to deliver a new look for anyone who wears it with any type of hair. You can get help from a hairstylist for the first time while creating this hairstyle to get some idea. But you can also create this look by following these steps.
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First make a simple part in the hair using a comb and add a small amount of hair gel all over. Try to name each part of the hair that has been separate such as A, B, C and D which will be helpful while creating the braid knots. Now take the A strand inside a one inch loop that is in the center and fold B strand make another loop. Pull the first loop over the second loop of the hair by pulling it through. Use the same with the other two parts of your hair. Pull the entire hair strands taut for making your first box braid. Continue this process on the other parts of your hair in the same you created the first box braid. Use a hair band to secure end of the braid and you can also try to create the braid using the fingers.

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