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Highlighting Gray Hair With White Color


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Grey hair can occur due to various reasons and the most common reason is due to age. You can easily make the grey hair look unique by highlighting with a white color. It is very easy to embrace the grey hair to make it look attractive by adding the highlights. First get a highlighting kit that can be used at home and wash the hair without using a shampoo.
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Brush the hair completely and make sure that your highlighting kit features applicator comb. Follow the instructions carefully on the highlighting kit and mix your color accordingly. Wear latex hand gloves before opening the highlighting kit and use the highlighting applicator on the hair only few times to get some practice before using it over the entire hair. Now take a small part of hair at the back of the head and place it over the aluminum foil. Use the formula on the applicator to run it over the part of hair and cover it with the foil to move on to the next part of your hair. You can use the same step to highlight the other strands of your hair from back to the front of the head. Check the time mentioned on the highlighting kit for leaving the color on your hair and don’t leave the hair with the highlighting color for a long time. Next rinse the hair after removing your aluminum foil from the hair strands and style the hair as usual.

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