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Inverted Ponytail


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Inverted ponytail is a perfect way of styling the hair instead of creating the normal ponytail. It can be easily done at home using few simple tools and techniques. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for daily wear and it can be suitable for any type of dress. After creating this hairstyle, make sure to pull the hair down with good grip in your hand.
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As usual begin your styling with a smoothly brushed hair and create a simple ponytail on your head. Secure the ponytail wherever you want on top of the head using elastic hair band and try to pull the band 1 centimeter from your head which will be helpful during the inverting process. There are two different ways the ponytail can be inverted such as keeping the thumb as well as forefinger just over the middle of underside of your ponytail in between your head and hair band by pushing it over the top. You can use other hand to send your ponytail hair in between the thumb and finger. Another option to achieve this look is using a plastic ribbon. You must fold your ribbon into half and send it through your hair where the fingers went through in the previous method. Then pull it slightly to create a large loop to keep your ponytail hair into the loop. At last look at the ponytail whenever it has been secured properly in its place and spritz it using a normal hairspray.

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