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Maintaing Relaxed Hair After Washing


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The relaxed hair can stay straight only for the time specified by the hair specialist and most of the time that hair will lose its structure after washing. There are few tips that can be helpful in keeping your hair straight even after a wash. You can make the hair straight after washing by using a blow dryer or a straightening tool, but they can cause damage to your hair when used very often.
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First use a moisturizing conditioner with protein while washing the hair to make the hair strong. Dry the hair using a normal towel and apply a setting lotion all over the hair. Now separate your hair when it slightly damp into 3 different large parts and secure each of them in place using hair clips. Take one of the sections for dividing it into small sections. You must wrap the smaller sections in a 3 inch diameter roller and secure it with clips. Use the wrapping method on the other parts of your hair and leave it for around 30-45 minutes to make it dry fully. The hair drying time will depend upon the size of the hair. Once the hair become fully dry take the hair out from the rollers and take out the hair clips. Now hair will be look relaxed and straight which can be styled as per your desire. Add a small amount of oil in your fingers to spread it through the hair.

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