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Short Hair Updo


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Creating a updo is normally done with a medium to long hair and those who have short hair would be waiting to make them grow long to achieve this hairstyle. But you can get this hairstyle even if the hair is short by following this simple method. The updo is one of such hairstyle that can be achieved with any type of hair starting from short to long and with any structure. One of the most simple way of creating the updo with short hair is creating as many ponytails as possible at the back your head.
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First apply a hair product over the hair by using your fingers and roll your hair at the back of the head. Now create many ponytails at the back such as one row with three ponytails till the back of your head. Try to loop each of your ponytails inside the curl and keep it in place using hair pin. Take the remaining hair in front of the head at the back for using plastic bands to keep them in place. Now your entire hair will be secured at the back of your head and spritz it using a spray to keep them secured in place. Try to add accessories that look perfect with your hairstyle to make it look more attractive. The time consumed will differ when you create it for the first time and second after some practice, so don’t worry of wasting time with this hairstyle.

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