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Steps For Washing Your Twist Braids


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Most of the people with twist braids will think washing it would give them a very difficult time. There are few people who leave the twist braids without washing for weeks as they fear of removing the braids during the process. But it is important to wash the twist braids to keep the scalp moisturized and also prevent dandruff as well as dryness. Here are few easy steps that can be helpful in washing the hair without taking out the braids.
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First wash your hair using the diluted shampoo which can prevent other shampoos from entering into the twist braids. Try to use the fingertips for massaging your shampoo on the scalp without touching the braids. You must rinse the hair using normal water and part the braids to make the water to enter into the areas of scalp. Now use a little amount of hair conditioner by strictly following the instructions seen over the bottle. You must use a light hair conditioner instead of the heavy conditioners that can easily enter into the braids spoiling the entire look. Be careful while rinsing your hair to remove the conditioner. Gently dry the hair without putting more pressure using the towel. Use the leave-in conditioner on the hair to keep the braids moisturized during the day. Now you must massage the head using a little amount of oil for maintaining it healthy at least two times in a week after the washing process.

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