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Methods To Use Conair Sticks


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Conair sticks can provide the same type of curly hairstyle that is normally achieved with the hot rollers. The hot rollers are known to be a little difficult to use when compared to the hot sticks. The Conair hot sticks are much more advanced than the usual hot rollers that are used to style the hair. It is available with roller sticks with different sizes and a heating unit that must be plugged in the electrical outlet.
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To use this hot stick, wash the hair and make sure that the hair becomes fully dry. Keep ends of your roller stick vertically to wrap the hair section around it and move toward the scalp. Try to keep it away from the scalp and there is no need for using any other hot rollers. You can just keep the hot stick ends so that it bends toward each other and push its rounded end inside the hole on the other hot stick end. Try to create larger curl by placing two rollers along with each other and roll it hair around them. Bend the ends together and keep it as usual. You can try to roll the hair halfway to create looser curl near the ends of the hair. Use this method all over your head and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then take out the rollers from your hair by sliding the end of the stick from loop over the opposite end to unwind it gently.

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