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Stand Up Afro Hairstyle


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A stand up afro is a hairstyle a completely new way of styling the hair that can look attractive in any place. You must give extra care while wearing this hairstyle to prevent tangles and keep moisture in the hair. You must use a wide tooth comb to tease the afro hair in this way and it can give your hair a stunning look. Try to use plastic picks than the metal picks which are harder on the hair. You must also use light weight products on the hair during the styling process because heavy products can make the hair to weigh down.
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Wash the hair normally and make sure it is completely dry before proceeding further. Avoid using a hair conditioner on the afro hair as it can spoil your styling process. Next use light hair product such as oils or pomades from end to root of the hair. Use the product after dividing the hair into various parts and take one section at a time to use the hair product. Try to use the pick at the end to move out as well as up. Keep on combing the hair towards base of your scalp while you work out the tangles. You must be able to achieve a round shape at the end of the combing process and pat the hair down which stand out. Use satin cap before going to sleep in the night and keep the moisture in your hair.

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