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Steps To Accessorize Short Hair


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Accessorizing the hair can be useful in different ways and most of the women like to do it. You can easily accessorize any type of hair starting from short to long depending upon your desire. If you are planning to style yourself as a flapper then use the following method to achieve this look perfectly. This style is perfect if you have a short hair when compared to long hair.
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You must wear a normal cloche hat which is almost similar to the wide fabric headbands. It was very often decorated using embroidery lace, feathers, beading and more. You can wear gloves that match the color of the dress that you wear. Wearing high heeled shoes are also important in this styling. Get a purse that matches your outfit as it is considered to be one of the most elegant flapper accessories. Most of the women used to carry the purse depending upon the time of the event such as small chain-link purse for evening events. Another accessory is the ukulele that is Hawaiian instrument which is similar to the guitar. You can also carry along a sporting item such as aviator hat, racer cap and more that was very popular during the 1920s. Most of the women with a flapper dress used to carry a smoking accessory that is known to be optional and you can also carry a fake cigarette as well as a lighter to complete the flapper look.

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