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Underhand Goddess Braid


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Underhand goddess braid is one of the best hairstyle that is liked by most of the women including celebrities. It can give a Grecian god look where the braid will lie flat over the head. This hairstyle is known to give a unique as well as elegant that is a perfect choice for a special event.
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To create this style, brush the hair fully to make it tangle free and add a mousse to keep the tangles secure in place. Make a small part at the middle of your head and keep the first part secure in place. Now take the other part in front of the head about half inch wide and separate it section into three parts. Then take one of the part to cross it under center of the other part to make this one the center strand and your actual center strand will become right strand. Next take left strand to cross it just under the center to make it new center strand. Keep the hair strands tightly to add new hair pieces to center strand from your hair underneath the center part and try to merge it along with the braid. Continue the braiding process in the same way and secure it using elastic band. Now take the other part of the hair that was secure earlier and use the same braiding technique. At last wrap both the braids together near nape of the neck and keep it in place using bobby pins.

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