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Quick Weave Bangs


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Quick weave bangs is a very simple and easy hairstyle that can be achieved by anyone. This style is normally achieved by using the hair extensions. This look can be created in different ways as well as styles and achieving it with bangs in the front can make it more unique. You must get closure hair parts from a beauty supply store and make sure that it is perfect for using the glue.
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You can cover the head with nylon cap to cover the natural hair which will help in keeping them away from getting damaged. Then braid hair as cornrows and cut the hair weft from the length of your eyebrow till the edge of other. This part of the hair will be sued as the bangs in this hairstyle, so cut it carefully. Use the extension on your threaded track applying the weave bond glue. Blow air from the blow dryer with cool setting to make the glue dry. You can use more than one track extensions over the bang area in the front and leave one inch gap in between the bangs. Try to apply rest of your extension tracks over the nape of your head and place it horizontally to the other. Use weave bond glue over lace tracking of closure part of the hair and leave the glue to become dry on its own. At last cut the bangs as per your desire and try to style it perfectly.

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