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Using Vinegar To Tone Down Hair


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If you are planning to color the hair and in case it becomes too dark or light just try to tone down the hair color to make it look perfect. You can easily use the vinegar to tone down the hair without stripping your hair that occurs usually with the chemical toners. This is one of the best methods to tone down hair color without using any type of chemicals on the hair. There is no need to follow any special process to get this treatment done as it can be done at home without anyone’s help.
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First take 6 cups of water in a jug and add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in it. Try to mix both of them using a spoon and use it for rinsing your hair completely. Leave the hair with the mixture for about ten minutes and rinse the hair again with normal water. Now the hair will have the vinegar smell on it and after it gets fully dry it become normal. Use the same rinsing process in the next day after the first rinse if you hair doesn’t look the way you want it to. Never rinse the hair with the vinegar within 24 hours after the first rinse as it can make the hair dry. Vinegar-based hair wash is considered to be one of the best techniques to tone down hair color which can be done by anyone as it involves a very simple process.

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