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Making Straight Hair Weaves Wavy


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Hair weaving is a simple process for making the hair look longer with more volume. The hair weaves are available different versions and if you are using a straight weave try to style it as per your desire. Here are few steps that can be sued to make the straight hair weave wavy without undergoing any special process.
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Start by washing the hair using protein-based shampoo and rinse it well before using the conditioner. Brush your hair using the wide-toothed comb and make straight horizontal part in the front part of your head. Divide your hair as four sections and keep them secured using bobby pins. Now make cornrow stitch from top right part of your hair and make another three strands. Try to crisscross left strand over middle and right strand over middle and by adding more hair while moving towards down the section. Use this method on the other parts of your hair till you cover the entire head. Now keep the weave track over cornrow stitches above your forehead and sew the hair weave into your cornrows. Then keep another track over the next cornrows to sew it in the same manner till you move to back of your head. Try to cover your first track using natural hair and use the heated crimper to make the hair matchable with the weave. Brush the weave using large-toothed comb for styling it and never use the hair brush for combing the hair.

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