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Methods To Keep Sew-In Weave Healthy


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Hair weaves are normally used to add length in the hair and it can be installed with fusing, bonding or sewing it into your hair. You must also maintain it in a proper way so that the hair weaves look new. The weaves can easily become dry and you must maintain it for keeping the weaves in perfect condition. You must never bleach or color the weave as it can make them look dull as well as damaged. Most of the women will go to a saloon to get this process done once in ten days, but you can also do this at home.
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First use the moisturizing shampoo to wash the sew-in hair once in ten days and try to scrub the scalp with the shampoo. Then rinse the hair using warm water and use a deep conditioner all over the hair. Using a normal conditioner on the hair after the washing process may not keep the weave nourishing perfectly. Use the deep conditioner all over the hair from root to end of the hair and mainly concentrating at the ends. Leave it on your hair for about 15 minutes before rinsing the hair. You can dry the sew-in with the help of hair dryers with low heat. Before going to bed in the night cover the head using a satin scarf after wrapping the weave at the back of the head. Covering the hair with the satin scarf can keep it away from damage.

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