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Styling Short Hair With Synthetic Dreads


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Having a short hair can give a hard time for many as they will find it difficult to style the hair as per their desire. Instead of waiting for the hair to grow longer, try to attach the synthetic dreads with your hair to make it look longer. The synthetic dreads are usually used along with the lengthy hair, but some of them also use it with short hair. You can use transparent rubber bands to secure the hair during the styling process to make the hairstyle look good.
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Wash the hair and divide it into one inch square near the nape of your neck using the rattail comb. Separate this part vertically as two different parts and keep your synthetic dreads in between the two sections and make sure that equal portions of dreads are available above and below this hair section. Now secure the upper part of your dread near the crown of your head using the hair clip and twist both the hair parts to create a small ponytail. Keep this ponytail in place using a small rubber band and place it against lower part of your dread. In case your ponytail extends much longer than one inch use rubber band to make it small. Now take the top part of your dread to make it hang next to your hair section. Use this technique with the other part of your hair by moving your way near the crown and towards the hairline.

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