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Taking Care Of Brassy Orange Color


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Adding orange color in your hair can make it appear completely new with a unique look. But sometimes the orange hair can turn brassy which is considered to be a very common issue after the bleaching process. You can just neutralize the brassy look that trying to cover them which can keep the hair away from getting damaged. Wear hand gloves before starting this process to prevent damage to your hand.
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First get a blue hair toner along with 20 volume developer and mix both of them together. Start applying this mixture over the hair from end to root using the tint brush to cover the entire hair. Leave the hair with the mixture on for around five minutes and try to wipe the hair strands using a damp cloth. Now the color on your hair will look darker because of the dampness and use a flashlight to look for brassy orange color on the hair. If you still find the brassy look use the mixture over the hair again and leave it for another five minutes. Always leave the mixture on for less than 20 minutes to prevent damage to the hair. Then rinse the hair with cold water to take out the mixture out of the hair and use a conditioner all over the hair. Next rinse your hair again as usual and comb it using a normal hair brush. Try to continue your toning process till the brassy look on the hair gets removed fully.

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