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Highlighting A Brown Hair Naturally


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Having a brown hair can give a unique look, but you can make it more attractive by highlighting it. You can easily highlight the brown hair without using any chemical products to stay away from damages. You can use the following method to highlight the brown hair it is light to medium in color. Try to follow this technique during a sunny day which can be useful while drying the hair naturally. Test a strand of hair with this process before going through the entire hair so you would not make the hair look bad.
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First get the hydrogen peroxide from a beauty products store and then wash the hair. Use a normal towel to take out the excess water from the hair. Keep your hair slightly damp during the styling process as a dry hair cannot be able to provide the perfect result. To leave hydrogen peroxide overnight use it over the hair undiluted. To create highlight chunks pull a section of hair to apply hydrogen peroxide from root to end of your hair. To highlight top layer of your hair pour the hydrogen peroxide in a soaked cloth for wiping it on top layer of the hair. After using the hydrogen peroxide over your hair leave it to dry on its own. You can go outside the home to make the hydrogen peroxide to dry without using any hair dryers. Repeat this process to make the highlighted hair much lighter.

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