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Knotted Low Braid


knotted low braid knotted low braid2
A knotted low braid is a great way to style the hair for special occasions like a wedding. To create this hairstyle, make sure you have a long hair to make it sit low at the back of your head. The hair must be thin to make it look less bulky and if you have a thick hair it must be long so it doesn’t look too bulky.
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First comb the hair to make it smooth and take the entire hair in your right hand. Separate it into 3 parts and braid it down at the ends. Now pull your braid over the middle for winding it over the base in your braid just at the neck level. Try to wind the hair in both the direction and wrap it around its base just once. Tuck end of your braid in the center over the bun and insert end of your braid at the back of your bun between the head and twisted hair. Pull the hair end over the front of your bun. You can use bobby pins in around four places over the bun and keep some hair over the root on the head just inside your bobby pin which will help in keeping the knot stabilize the knot. If you are creating this hairstyle with a thick hair try to use more hair pins than bobby pins because it will be much longer which can hold lot of hair.

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