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Methods To Take Out Bonded Extensions


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Bonded extensions are used to add volume and give the hair a fuller look. It is mostly worn for by many women only for special events. These extensions can be easily added using the weave glue. There are many who don’t known how to take out these extensions after wearing them along with the natural hair. You can also get help from a hairstylist in case the extension is much tighter.
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First divide the hair extensions separately from your natural hair and mist it with oil sheen. You must see the edge of the weave track becoming loose and it will only start to move in case it is getting loose. Add hair grease over your natural hair and try to pull the hair track away from natural hair by simply sliding them down. If you find any place which causes resistance try to use more oil sheen and you can also apply grease to massage the glued extensions if it is too much tighter. Try to take out the excess bonding glue after the track has been removed fully by applying grease as well as oil sheen. Then wash the hair with cold water and never use warm water as it can make the hair glue to melt again. As usual condition your hair and use a hair dryer with cold air and comb extension. Use cold water to wash the hair till the glue on the hair gets removed fully.

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